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- Why do we need to test a transducer?


The ultrasound transducer is the most sensitive part on a ultrasound system. It is very sensitive due to the crystals in the probe head. The lenses are sensitive to cleaning and the type of gel used. Cable can be broken due to handling of the probe. And of course if a probe is used frequently it degenerates over time. Our experience from 11 years testing is that 35% of the probes used at hospitals are faulty. Some should not be used on patients due to the risk of a misdiagnosis. On a tested hospital when visited again after 6-12 months still 15% are faulty. We refer to studies made by the Royal Technical Highschool in Stockholm.


- How do I see when a probe is faulty?


The Problem is that you can not see the problem. That´s the Problem! It is very seldom that you can see that you are using a faulty probe on the display, most often it takes a long time before anything appears to be wrong. When you discover the damage it can be a hundred of patients to late. The risk of a fallacious diagnosis is high. You need to make a test with a transducertester to detect the faults.


- How does a First Call work?


Please look at:

- the link on this site where we present First Call and have a demo on YouTube.


First Call has a main unit and then adapters depending on what brand and type that we test. First Call with adapters analyses the probe health, chrystals, wires, cable and lens.


- Who can repair a broken probe?


There is not one repair lab worldwide that can repair all probes. The quality differs a lot. Some repair labs can do standard probes but not TEE probes etc. Some are specialists on a certain Brand. When you test probes with us we can recommend you where to repair by brand and type. We are your objective test partner and you decide yourself after having our recommendations.


- Can we trust the First Call report?


If we test yes! We are your objective test partner. We at Transducertest.com have been using the transducertester First Call 11 years and we are regularly testing on behalf of Scandinavian Hospitals. Need a reference before we test your probes send an email to info@transducertest.com We will provide you with references and you can talk to a Biotech at a hospital that is using our services.


- How does it work will you visit us to test?


Yes we will come to you with our mobile testing system, set it up at your premises. The size of the equipment will fit on a normal office desk. Access to water and electricity is the only thing we need. If you are a hospital we will arrange the testing so there will be no interruption in the patientflow. Normally we test 100 probes per testing day at customer site.


- Reports how do they look and on which media?


You can have a color printed 2 pages report with every probe and we can store all your reports on a USB stick for you to store or email.


- How to understand the reporting?


Before testing we always start with an introduction of the First Call. We will go through the different parts of the report for you to understand what is measured.

The reports are easy to understand and you will very easy see if there is a healthy or a faulty probe.


- What is the price for testing?


We have a fixed price per probe. Depending on the volume you have there is a discount.

Contact our Q-Team by filling in the contact form or email directly to info@transducertest.com and you will be contacted by our testing team.


- Can you test all brands all types?


Yes, we can test all leading Ultrasound manufactors probes like, Acuson, GE, Philips, Siemens, Aloka, Hitachi, Toshiba, Esaote, Sonosite, Mindray, Medison etc


- We are a hospital can you help us with a probe care program.


Yes we can! We often get this request and most often when we arrange for a Testing Day at the hospital we also offer a seminar for hospital staff. To have an understanding of the sensitivity of a probe, how to handle and clean it makes a big difference in the probe health at a hospital.


- We are a repair lab wanting to go for Fleet tenders, can you help us with the testing of probes?


Yes we can help you in different ways:

-you can include testing in your offer and buy this service from us. You can offer the hospitals and clinics testing on a regular basis and promise that every probe when repaired will be returned with a testprotocol the Quality Document. When you have repaired a probe just send it to transducertest.com and we will test and include a testprotcol when sent back to you.

-you can also buy a transducertester from us including education and training.


- Can we buy a Transducertester?


Yes you can. Contact us on info@transducertest.com let us know which transducers you have that you want to test and we will send you and offer including education and training.



Book a Testing Day

We will visit and test your inventory with the testsystem First Call. All transducers will get a Quality Test Report and a health check.


For Quality Assurance & Patient Safety!


Make sure

Make sure all your probes have a Quality Document for Quality Assurance and Patient Safety.

Multi Brand Probe Testing

We test all Brands & Types, GE, Philips,Acuson, Siemens, Esaote, SonoSite, Hitachi, Toshiba, Medison, and more.



We will visit and test your inventory with the testsystem First Call.

All transducers will get a Quality Test Report and a health check. For Quality Assurance & Patient Safety!

Book a Testing Day!


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