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We test Ultrasound Transducers of all brands & types.

Our team sets up a testing enviroment at your hospital

and examines all of the hospital's ultrasound transducers through a Quality Check.


There is no impact on the patient flow during the testing.


Untested transducers pose a risk to secure diagnosis

The ultrasound probe is the very most delicate part of the whole ultrasound system. 35% of all tested ultrasound probes show defects when tested and should for this reason not be used until they have been repaired.


Naturally, our test results are proof of this, but also the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm has concluded the same in studies. Since the Royal Institute of Technology published its study on transducer testing and patient safety, biotechs have become even more aware of the recurring problems.

FirstCall Quick Fact

Our Multi Probe Testing Device generates your Quality Report

FirstCall is the probe testing device that we use for testing the acoustic and electrical properties of an ultrasound probe.

With this Multi Probe Testing Device we can test all leading brands such as:


GE, Acuson, Siemens, Aloka, ATL/Philips, Agilent/Philips, Esaote/Biosound, Medison, Sonosite, Toshiba and others.


First Call generates the Quality Report you need for every transducer in the hospital’s ultrasound Evidence Based Quality Assurance (EBQA) program.


The test system FirstCall reveals any early changes in the probe that may be cost-effectively repaired before the probe fails and requires replacement or repairing at a much higher expense.


We recommend testing transducers every 12 months. If the probe is used frequently, testing it every 6 months is recommended, depending on its application.




An ultrasound probe consists of hundreds or even  thousands of crystals, and is extremely sensitive to shocks.


Very often the defects caused to the probe are due to the manner of handling the device.


Things such as pulling the cable, using the wrong ultrasound gel or cleanser, being rough when connecting the system or simply accidentally dropping the probe may cause these defects.


Damage can also occur during transport or can even be a flaw inflicted during the production itself.


In larger hospitals there are also so called probe pools, where you retrieve the probe you need and return it after usage. This is also a procedure when damage may occur.


It is very seldom that you can see on the screen that you are using a faulty probe, most often it takes a very long time before anything appears to be wrong. When you discover the damage, and the fact that you are using a defective probe, it can be a hundred of patients too late. The risk of a fallacious diagnosis is high, putting the security of patients at stake.

FirstCall quickly reveals the source of transducer performance problems such as:

The number and location of dead or weak crystals within the array

Changes in any relevant acoustic performance parameters of

the array

Acoustic lens delamination

Broken wires within the probe cable or at the flex circuit within the probe

Defective electronics within the probe connector

Book a Testing Day

We will visit and test your inventory with the testsystem First Call. All transducers will get a Quality Test Report and a health check.


For Quality Assurance & Patient Safety!


Make sure

Make sure all your probes have a Quality Document for Quality Assurance and Patient Safety.

Multi Brand Probe Testing

We test all Brands & Types, GE, Philips,Acuson, Siemens, Esaote, SonoSite, Hitachi, Toshiba, Medison, and more.



We will visit and test your inventory with the testsystem First Call.

All transducers will get a Quality Test Report and a health check. For Quality Assurance & Patient Safety!

Book a Testing Day!


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The team behind is a swedish based Medical Business company, BBS Medical AB.


We have been in the ultrasound business for more than 30 years. Today we are specialists in Ultrasound Transducer Testing and we are the

only company at this moment to offer testing on site.


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